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Electricity User Accident Insurance

Vendor: AAA Assurance
Type: Assurance

1. Subjects participating in insurance

Insured is all family members named in the household registration (head of household must have a power contract with the local electricity management agency) or other family members but not in the household registration book. , living with the head of household using electricity and having to register for a list when participating in insurance, being insured by AAA Insurance.

AAA Assurance does not accept insurance and is not responsible for paying insurance premiums for:

  • People with mental or mental illness;
  • People who are disabled or permanently disabled 50% or more;
  • Members of facilities using electricity to produce, trade and provide electricity services;
  • Tenants of the insured person to live in (unless otherwise agreed).
Hotline: 1900 54 54 35

Coverage and Insurance Benefits

The Insured Person has an electric accident within the territory of Vietnam resulting in death or bodily injury due to the direct influence of the electric current.

  • Dead;
  • Permanent disability;
  • Temporary injury.
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  • High level of accident insurance regulations; Download
  • Application form and enrollment list. Download

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