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Sea Ship Body Insurance

Vendor: AAA Assurance
Type: Assurance

1. Subject of insurance

All specialized mobile floating vehicles operating at sea including ships, boats and other motorized or non-motorized vehicles.

Military ships, public service ships, fishing boats, inland watercraft, submarines, submersibles, seaplanes, floating storage, mobile platforms, floating docks are not included in this insurance product.

Hotline: 1900 54 54 35

2. Coverage

The insured vehicle damage is a direct result of the following incidents:

- The hazards of the sea, rivers, lakes or water bodies where water can occur.

- Fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Volcano or Lightning.

Robbery, violence of sailors or people outside the ship

- Collision with another vehicle or object

- Accident while doing goods, 

- Boiler explosion, broken engine shaft or hidden in machinery and hull.

- Other incidents as specified in insurance rules

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3. Insurance fees

The premium depends on the Region of Activity, Age of Ship, Owner's level of management, Loss history, Liability level, Deductibility and a number of other factors.

 - Insurance rules; Download
 - Insurance claim form; Download

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