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Contractors Machinery & Equipment Insurance

Vendor: AAA Assurance
Type: Assurance

I. Subject of insurance

Contractor's equipment, during operation, being dismantled for maintenance cleaning, maintenance or for moving within the covered area or during subsequent assembly includes the following types of equipment:

  • Cranes of all kinds;
  • Excavators, bulldozers, earthworks, dumpers, pile driving, compactors, drills, trucks;
  • Crushers, rail systems, beton mixers, beton injection, plastic spreaders...
Hotline: 1900 54 54 35

II. Coverage

Unforeseen unexpected physical damage during the use of the device, but damage due to the following reasons:

  • Fire, lightning, chemical explosion, theft, robbery;
  • Earthquakes, floods, floods;
  • Storm, ice and snow;
  • Acts of malice, carelessness, negligence, lack of skills;
  • Causes are not excluded in the insurance rule.

III. Insurance fees

On a base fee basis, the premium increases or decreases with the type of equipment; Duration of insurance; Area to use equipment; equipment manufacturer; Years of use; Maintenance regime; Deduction rate A

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